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Uncover vs.
Marketing Mix Modelling

Uncover vs.
Marketing Mix Modelling

Our media optimization algorithms thrive where old-static MMM models failed.

Manage partner resources

Manage partner resources

From agencies to data suppliers - Uncover helps you have more visibility over how each partner is spending your resources.

In the dynamic world of advertising, where every dollar spent counts, advertisers often face a common challenge - a lack of visibility into how their advertising agencies are allocating and spending resources. This lack of transparency hampers the advertisers’ ability to effectively monitor their campaigns, measure return on investment (ROI), and ensure efficient resource allocation.

Uncover Platform changes this by offering real-time insights into agency resource allocation and expenditure. Advertisers gain access to comprehensive dashboards that detail campaign activities, media placements, and expenses, providing a comprehensive view of ad spend in action.

Uncover Platform goes beyond visibility and offers robust governance features. Advertisers can set spending guidelines and thresholds for each partner, ensuring budget adherence and efficient resource optimization. With governance capabilities, advertisers maintain control over campaigns and make data-driven decisions based on up-to-date information.

Besides that, Uncover Platform enables advertisers to measure ROI from each agency partner. By tracking key performance indicators and analyzing real-time data, advertisers can assess campaign effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. This data-driven approach optimizes strategies, budget allocation, and maximizes advertising investments.

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