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Accelerate Revenue Growth

Accelerate Revenue Growth



the number one bike-riding startup in Brazil


[ 01 ]

Tembici , faces a challenge in understanding the impact of its main growth levers: pricing, product innovation, climate, media, seasonality, and SEO. At the same time, digital performance investments have shown signs of saturation and branding investments still needed calibration.

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[ 02 ]

To address this, Tembici and Uncover built a forecasting model that predicts sales based on investments and market conditions. The model will evaluate the interactions between media investments (performance vs. branding) and marketing conditions (climate, pricing, and economy), enabling Tembici to calibrate their branding investments according to market conditions.

By leveraging data-driven insights, Tembici can make informed decisions about resource allocation and prioritize the most effective growth levers. The continuous evaluation of media investments and marketing conditions have enabled Tembici to fine-tune their branding initiatives, enhancing their market positioning and driving sustainable growth. Regular evaluations and adjustments based on real-time market conditions will ensure Tembici remains responsive and adaptable to customer demands and competitive dynamics in the Brazilian bike-sharing industry.

[ 03 ]

Budget Reduction of more than 50% with minimum impact in revenue

Budget Reduction of more than 50% with minimum impact in revenue