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Uncover vs.
Marketing Mix Modelling

Uncover vs.
Marketing Mix Modelling

Our media optimization algorithms thrive where old-static MMM models failed.

AI Powered Planning

AI Powered Planning

Plan your marketing budget and your goals using insights from predictive models.

Traditionally, creating a media plan has heavily relied on the intuition and experience of marketing professionals. Crafting a successful media strategy involved analyzing past campaign performance, understanding target audience behavior, and making educated guesses about which channels and tactics would yield the best results.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Uncover AI enables marketers to create media plans that consider numerous factors, resulting in more precise and data-driven decision-making. This tool has become invaluable in optimizing media spend, predicting ROI for each channel, managing saturation levels, and identifying optimal campaign timings.

By leveraging predictive algorithms and analyzing historical data, the simulator determines the optimal timing for launching media campaigns. This data-driven approach identifies periods when target audiences are most receptive and likely to engage, enabling marketers to plan their campaigns for maximum exposure and effectiveness.

Additionally, Uncover AI goes beyond individual channel analysis and considers the interaction between multiple funnel-steps across the consumer journey. By understanding how different channels and touchpoints work together to guide consumers from awareness to conversion, the simulator enables marketers to craft media plans that create a seamless and engaging customer experience throughout the entire funnel.

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